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monthly online film festival - CICFF

We think you will agree that the city of Kolkata fascinates you. Then we are sure that the Kolkata

International Cult Film Festival will make you spellbound and will leave you asking for more. Though we

have been around as a cult film festival for just a wee bit of time yet we have decided to walk tall with

grit and determination. We pledge to move heaven and earth just to flaunt your skills with the camera

and give you a very good start. Film festivals are the ultimate destination of a fledgling film director. For

movie buffs who live on a diet made of movies and consider themselves to be the future of cinema

register with us as an online participant. We wont deny that we intend to supply a never ending series

of cult movie every month. A cult film is a cult film. Like it or not it touches the heart and souls of

thousands of movie buffs. So why look anywhere else when you get to churn a fine cult movie breaking

all borders. At our festival we invite cult movies from thousands of miles east, west, north and south of

Kolkata. We will mete out our decisions and award online movie entries every month.


Frustration and diappointment is the part and parcel of the life of movie directors but they will have an

honest review of their work at our festival. If you are a budding director and want to make it big in the

film world it is a good idea to kickstart your career with us at our festival. Sometimes kind words and a

positive attitude can work wonders to give a boost to your confidence and at the cult festival we will be

your sounding board. If you are creative and share a love for making films CICFF is the place to be. At

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, CICFF( which arranges a monthly online film festival) we are

completely dedicated to the discovering of new talents from all over the globe under the category of

cult movies and art house films.


Just as a lyrical poet paid tribute to a small hidden flower under the creek we pick up dreams from the

far corners of the world and give them a new identity of that of independent film makers. In the film

fraternity where you just cannot do without connections the grapevine has it that the this is one job

option which is a tough nut to crack. There is no dearth of film festivals on earth and if you eye a slot in

the world’s most coveted screenings in the more reputed ones you will possibly be ending up in a soup.

Small independent movie directors on a shoe string budget for obvious reasons cannot compete in a star

studded film festival. So if you are wise enough you would take small steps at a time and shift your

attention to film festivals which have been critically acclaimed minus the glizy glamour.


The audience at our annual film festival (CICFF)to be held at Kolkata in October in 2017 is one to die for

because the viewers of your film will generally consist of film critics of international stature, film

producers, established directors, film distribution representatives as well as movie buffs. In this digital

age when practically everything is being bought and sold online why not “sell” movies online. Our

online contest is meant to be participated by anyone who is in love with movies and film direction. Your

movies will be enjoyed by eminent judges and a very much live and erudite crowd. You can also test

your writing skills in our screenplay or writing contest which will also be held at the same venue of

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.


If you have some half baked film ideas don’t wait for ages and make unnecessary delays. Submit that

registration form and you might be that one lucky destiny’s child.

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