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International Film Market

All films have a story to tell and it is this story telling that the director does with elan. Just like any other form of art a film is a work of art too and it is so simply in a audio visual medium. One has to appreciate the ideas which the director wants to put across and also fathom the emotions which drive the director to make such kind of a film. Movies in the commercial form or the art film form can indeed educate us and make us a better person. Sometimes, movies delve into something deeper; they strike a philosophical chord within the society and the society sits up and takes notice that a new film has arrived.

The most important moment for a film is perhaps the screening at a film festival almost it being like a baby born and receiving the care and attention of the doctors and nurses. Often festivals and film markets are thought to be in the same strain. But in reality it is not so. This might confuse some directors and puzzle the man on the street but we will have you know that a festival and film market is not the same idea. It is a case in point that the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival is an amalgamation of film festival and international film market. It is so because in these film festivals directors screen their movies and at the same time do networking for the purpose of highlighting their film in the business circle at the international film market. At these global film markets there is scope to carry on trade concerning the films and its distribution rights in the media. In a film market, participation is restricted to only businessmen in the industry and artists seldom turn up at any International film markets. There can be different kinds of business centered around a movie where an Italian company might want to buy the broadcasting rights of a movie for the purpose of telecasting it in Italy. At the same time there might be business people at the market who would prefer to buy all the media rights starting from television and other kinds of digital media.

Film directors often attend the film markets though commerce is the underlined intention in these kind of events. Eminent and sometimes cub directors puts in their own little research work in at these gatherings so that they have a better perception of the distribution system. It will be wrong to say that there is the presence of only distributers in these gatherings. On the contrary there is a vast stream of adept and adroit people who step into these events like that of the press people and the attorneys, festival directors, government representatives and also writers.

It is usually seen how the international film festivals have its culmination in the international film markets. This is in fact is a collaboration within the tinsel town and the whole film fraternity gains due to this  collaboration. At this point one has to make a mention of the American Film Market which came into existence in the year 1981. One of the most influencing events in the world, America sees the  coming together under one roof of the who’s who of Hollywood at the American Film Market. It has seen the closure of deals worth 1 billion dollars just in the opening 8 days. Even the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival is one of a kind. It is a must attend event for those who want to make a mark in Indian as well as world cinema. Perhaps, it is the best place to learn about the social and market issues of cinema.

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