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15 points to keep in mind while writing a script

Writing a script for a video is absolutely necessary whether it is a feature length film, a short video or a random video that someone is planning to make on their family get together. A script is a culmination of all technical planning and advancements that goes behind making a film like the placement of camera, various diegetic/non-diegetic sounds, dialogues, etc. A well written script is quite effective when it comes to shooting the film on a tight budget, thus saving both time and money.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss about 15 points that a person should keep in mind while writing a script.

1. Browse multiple scripts: The repeated practice of reading scripts written by professionals all over the world will hone your skills as a scriptwriter. Draw inspiration from them.

2. Take inspiration: Pick a few movies that inspired you and start writing on them. Re-watching certain films can also give you new ideas on how to shape your script.

3. Make it Innovative and Extraordinary: Adopting unique methods and making unusual choices along with using achievements and failures from personal experiences to inform the themes of your work can be fruitful.

4. Genre: Identifying multiple genres from already existing films and combining them to create something new is essential.

 5. Setting: Using themes and genres to shape the setting of your film is one of the primary things that need to be done.

6. A Story World: It is important to imagine a world in which the story exists to write an authentic story. You should have an idea about the key highs and lows of the story plot.

7. Summarize: Include a one or two-line summary that contains a gist of more or less all the main points of your script.

8. Strategize: One can read screenplay outlines and treatments while taking ideas from a set of films of their own choice. These ideas can then be culminated into something innovative. Brainstorming unique ideas often lead to exceptional breakthrough of the plot.

9. Screenplay outline: A screenplay outline can contain brief details about character development, major plot points in the story along with potential scene ideas or specific scenes.

10. Establishment of Characters: Push your imagination to create interesting characters. It is recommended to keep asking questions like whether the characters are predictable, or will those characters leave a firm impression on the viewers.

11. Thinking outside of traditional character traits: Assigning unusual traits to your protagonist can make all the difference in the film. Breaking stereotypes is the key to an innovative and interesting storytelling experience.

12. Formatting the script: A script should be well informed with key screenplay elements and transitions. Some of them can be inclusion of elements like Parenthetical, Chyrons, Montage, Action, etc.

13. Share: The people you know and trust can help you to improve your script if you share your ideas with them. Use the help of professional consultants to gain valuable feedback.

14. Rewrite: Revision is a vital aspect of writing a script. Maintain notes and rectify or update scenes wherever you feel is necessary.

15. Software: One can use proper screenplay formatting software like Storyboard Quick, Dramatica Pro and Contour to save an enormous amount of time when planning and writing.