Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

2017 Golden Fox Award Winners



Best Narrative Feature Film

Steppe Man directed by Shamil Aliyev (Azerbaijan)

Best Documentary Film

A Captain Unafraid directed by Charles O’Brien (Ireland)

Best Short Film

Take Me Away directed by Sun Ji (Singapore)


Best Student Film

Setback of the Spirit directed by Sa’ed Arouri (Jordan)


Best Experimental Film

Structures of Nature directed by Martin Gerigk (Canada)


Best Postmodern Film

P I R A N H A directed by Elcid Asaei (UK)


Best Director

Caroline Jules for Torments of Love (France)


Best Cinematography

Sourabh Waghmare for Anamnesis (India)


Best Editing

Oliver Goetzl for Jungle Book Bear (Germany)


Best Sound Designing

Dawa Lepcha for Dhokbu: The Keeper (India)


Best Actor

Matthew Sauvé for One Night Stand (Canada)


Best Actress

Maite Uzal for Olvido (Spain)


Best Debut Filmmaker

Arudra Saravanakumar Mathaiyan for 93 Notout (India)


Best Animated Film

Agrinoui directed by Alexis Chaviaras (Cyprus)


Best Family / Children Film

Soneri directed by Nilesh Arun Kunjir (India)


Best Educational Film

A Small Step for a Man, a Giant Smile for Mankind directed by Bernarda Avsenik and Alenka Fajfar Gnezda (Slovenia)


Best Film on Disability Issue

AXioMA directed by Elisa Possenti (Italy)


Best Film on Religion

The Sultan and The Saint directed by Alexander Kronemer (USA)


Best Film on Women

Kanika directed by Pushkar Manohar (India)


Best Women’s Film

Between Seconds directed by Nora Jaenicke (USA)


Best LGBT Film

A Tale with Christ and Jesus directed by Oldren Romero (Cuba)


Best Horror / Science Fiction Genre Feature Film

Dead Again directed by Dave Silberman (South Korea)


Best Free Speech Film

I don’t like her directed by Javad Daraei (Iran)


Best Performing Arts Film

Equilibrium directed by Patrick Foch (France)


Best One Minute Film

Decay directed by Matilda Wikingson (Sweden)


Best Silent Film

Goes Without Saying directed by Pierre Sabrou (France)


Best Young Filmmaker (Under 18)

I-Jen Chiu for Praxis (Taiwan)


Best Film on Nature / Environment / Wildlife

A Bridge Between Two Worlds directed by Pascal Gélinas (Canada)


Best Travel Film

Antarctica directed by Andrii Andreiev and Artem Gordina (Ukraine)


Best Drone Film

Ludovico Einaudi & Greenpeace “Elegy for the Arctic” directed by Raul Alaejos (Spain)


Best VR / AR / 360º Video

Sepsis directed by Michael Wall (Sweden)


Best Web and New Media

Hyperconnexion directed by Debru Nicolas (France)


Best Mobile Film

Auikyani directed by Harold González Chavarría (Nicaragua)


Best Television / Pilot Program or Series

Treading Yesterday directed by Craig Bettendorf (USA)


Best Music Video

Brass Wires Orchestra – Youth directed by Filipe Correia dos Santos (Portugal)


Best Film Score / Soundtrack

Dark Waves: Bellerofonte composed by Alexander Cimini (Italy)



Best Trailer / Teaser

Who Is The Superhero directed by Antonio Valvo (Italy)


Best Feature Script

Lions of the Sea written by Jessi Thind (Canada)


Best Short Script

Untouchable Thief written by James M. Freeman (USA)