2017 Golden Fox Award Nominees

2017 Golden Fox Award Nominees


Best Narrative Feature Film

Beyond Boundaries directed by Kamal Nathani (India)

Mango Dreams directed by John Upchurch (USA)

Rage directed by Michal Wegryzn (Poland)

Red Oliender’s Roktokorobi directed by Amitava Bhattacharya and Rabindranath Tagore (India)

Scent of Cigar directed by Nandajan K.A (India)

Steppe Man directed by Shamil Aliyev (Azerbaijan)

The Albino’s Trees directed by Masakazu Kaneko (Japan)

Best Documentary Film

A Captain Unafraid directed by Charles O’Brien (Ireland)

Antartica: The Journey to the End of the Earth directed by Artem Gordina (Ukraine)

Cape Espichel: In Land of a Lost World directed by Carlos Sargedas (Portugal)

Enemy of Islam? A Meeting With Nourid Bouzid directed by Stefano Grossi (Italy)

Parivara directed by Alex Kruz and Alex Lora (Nepal)

The Beast Is Still Alive directed by Mina Mileva (Bulgaria)

Best Short Film

Everything Is Fine directed by Raja Ram Mukerji (India)

Maya directed by Soumojit Adak (India)

Me (Asmad) directed by Prabhjit Dhamija (India)

Mum directed by Akash Mihani (India)

Once Upon a Dream directed by Anthony Nion (Belgium)

Take Me Away directed by Sun Ji (Singapore)

Best Student Film

Catfish directed by Sourena Bayramloo (Iran)

Chinmoy (Supreme Consciouness) directed by Prithviraj Das Gupta (India)

Mother Tongue directed by Md Nadim Iqbal (Canada)

Setback of the Spirit directed by Sa’ed Arouri (Jordan)

Strangers in the Park directed by Danilo Zambrano (Ireland)

The God of Small Things directed by Saud Jubaer (USA)

Best Experimental Film

Flatland directed by Alireza Keymanesh and Amir Pousti (Iran)

Story for an Empty Theatre directed by Cesare Bedogne and Aleksandr Balagura (Italy)

Structures of Nature directed by Martin Gerigk (Germany)

Best Postmodern Film

Haze directed by Rob Cunning (USA)

P I R A N H A directed by Elcid Asaei (UK)

Venus Obscura directed by Christophe Karabache (France)

Best Director

Caroline Jules for Torments of Love (France)

Dawa Lepcha for Dhokbu: The Keeper (India)

Philippe McKie for Breaker (Japan)

Best Cinematography

Colin Graham and Laura Graham for Outcaste: The House that Carol Built (Ireland)

Oliver Goetzl for Jungle Book Bear (Germany)

Sourabh Waghmare for Anamnesis (India)

Best Editing

Dan Webb for The Thirteenth (UK)

Oliver Goetzl for Jungle Book Bear (Germany)

Shivarudhraiah K for Towards New Dawn (India)

Best Sound Designing

Adrian Townsen for The Thirteenth (UK)

Dhokbu – The Keeper (India)

Oliver Goetzl for Jungle Book Bear (Germany)

Siddharth Ahluwalia for Bosatsu: Year of the Dragon (USA)

Best Actor

Arjun Raman for Masquerade (Iraq)

Kshitij Sharma for Let’s Talk About “It” (India)

Matthew Sauvé for One Night Stand (Canada)

Best Actress

Alessandra Mortelliti for The Last Sun of the Night (Italy)

Kim Allan for Tooth Fairy (UK)

Maite Uzal for Olvido (Spain)

Best Debut Filmmaker

Abdur Rafi for Espejismo (India)

Lola-Jia Liu for On the Bridge of Death and Life (Germany)

Arudra Saravanakumar Mathaiyan for 93 Notout (India)

Best Animated Film

Agrinoui directed by Alexis Chaviaras (Cyprus)

Schirkoa directed by Ishan Shukla (India)

Sheep and Wolves directed by Maxim Volkov (Russia)

Best Family / Children Film

Bhog directed by Yash Revar (India)

Soneri directed by Nilesh Arun Kunjir (India)

The Great Adventure of Manel and the Magic Toothpicks directed by Xavier Pijuan (Spain)

Best Educational Film

A Small Step for a Man, a Giant Smile for Mankind directed by Bernarda Avsenik and Alenka Fajfar Gnezda (Slovenia)

Behind the Cove directed by Keiko Yagi (Japan)

The Journey directed by Jegen John Peter (Malaysia)

Best Film on Disability Issue

AxioMA directed by Elisa Possenti (Italy)

Channel Diaries directed by Felipe Kowalczuk (Brazil)

Hear Me directed by Olga Arlauskas and Svetlana Gorlo (Russia)

Love & Sex & Rocknrollstuhl directed by Susanna Wüstneck (Germany)

Best Film on Religion

Gods directed by Gustavo Coletti (USA)

Teenagers directed by Paul de Métairy (France)

The Sultan and The Saint directed by Alexander Kronemer (USA)

Best Film on Women

Kanika directed by Pushkar Manohar (India)

The Salty Sea Dog directed by Murad Abiyev (Azerbaijan)

Torments of Love directed by Caroline Jules (France)

Best Women’s Film

Between Seconds directed by Nora Jaenicke (USA)

The Tress of Hair directed by Lisa Solotsinskya (Russia)

Torments of Love directed by Caroline Jules (France)

Best LGBT Film

A Tale with Christ and Jesus directed by Oldren Romero (Cuba)

I Want To Remain Who I Am directed by Richard Catherine (Luxembourg)

Twin Stars directed by Mehmet Tigli (Turkey)

Best Horror / Science Fiction Genre Feature Film

Dead Again directed by Dave Silberman (South Korea)

Huldra: Lady of the Forest directed by Ove Valeskog (Sweden)

Let’s Talk About “It” directed by Kshitij Sharma (India)

Best Free Speech Film

Ballad for Syria directed by Eda Elif Tibet (Turkey)

I don’t like her directed by Javad Daraei (Iran)

The Cursed Queens directed by Rashmi Jeta (India)

Best Performing Arts Film

Bakalu Studio Composition directed by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)

Equilibrium directed by Patrick Foch (France)

Misfits directed by David Betteridge (UK)

Best One Minute Film

Decay directed by Matilda Wikingson (Sweden)

Happy Loneliness directed by Richard Alexander Forero Domínguez (Colombia)

One Day In July directed by Hermes Mangialardo (Italy)

Best Silent Film

The Ballad of Snake Oil Sam directed by Arlene Bogna (USA)

Goes Without Saying directed by Pierre Sabrou (France)

The Hesitant Man directed by Pierre Sabrou (France)

Best Young Filmmaker (Under 18)

Freedy MacDonald for Gifted (Thanksgiving Post Morten) (Switzerland)

I-Jen Chiu for Praxis (Taiwan)

Summer Royal for A Hole in Our Flag, A Hole in Our Heart: The Realpolitik of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution (USA)

Best Film on Nature / Environment / Wildlife

A Bridge Between Two Worlds directed by Pascal Gélinas (Canada)

Antarctica directed by Andrii Andreiev (Ukraine)

Chronicles of a Wildlifer directed by Amit Goswamy (India)

Best Travel Film

American Vienna directed by Jasmin Al-Kattib and Richard Kromp (Austria)

Pacific Mermaid directed by Alexis Barbosa (France)

We Call This Home directed by Walter Chang (USA)

Antarctica directed by Andrii Andreiev and Artem Gordina (Ukraine)

Best Drone Film

Ludovico Einaudi & Greenpeace “Elegy for the Arctic” directed by Raul Alaejos (Spain)

Norwegian Coastline Seen From a Drone directed by André Hope (Norway)

The Mountain Within directed by Philippe Woodtli (Switzerland)

Best VR / AR / 360º Video

Misfits directed by David Betteridge (UK)

Out of the Blue directed by Sophie Ansel (USA)

Sepsis directed by Michael Wall (Sweden)

Best Web and New Media

Cuba Libre directed by Felixe de Becker and Colin Bates (USA)

Fat and Fat (Episode 2): Float Away directed by Chirara Grabmayr (Austria)

Hyperconnexion directed by Debru Nicolas (France)

Best Mobile Film

Auikyani directed by Harold González Chavarría (Nicaragua)

iReal directed by Florent Sabatier (France)

Return To Sender directed by Francesca Gurdon (UK)

Best Television / Pilot Program or Series

Gorchlach: The legend of Cordelia directed by Fabio Cento (Italy)

Treading Yesterday directed by Craig Bettendorf (USA)

Upstairs directed by Joseph Spadaro (Italy)

Best Music Video

Adam directed by Martin Del Carpio and William Murray (USA)

Brass Wires Orchestra – Youth directed by Filipe Correia dos Santos (Portugal)

Colibria directed by Camilo Coba (Ecuador)

Best Film Score / Soundtrack

Dark Waves: Bellerofonte composed by Alexander Cimini (Italy)

Mama composed by Rahman Altin (Turkey)

Princess Eun Hwa composed by Min He (China)

Best Trailer / Teaser

Domino Springs directed by Dan Hertzog (USA)

Swamp Killer: A Grindhouse Trailer directed by Ramiro Hernandez (USA)

Who Is The Superhero directed by Antonio Valvo (Italy)

Best Feature Script

Lions of the Sea written by Jessi Thind (Canada)

Resurrection Time Conspiracy written by James Carroll (USA)

The Time of Killing written by James M. Freeman (USA)

Best Short Script

Farewell Cinema written by Reinhard J. Steiner (Germany)

Foreigner in Shanghai written by Dannes Zhang (China)

Untouchable Thief written by James M. Freeman (USA)